designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd
Alaska Driftwood Art

Photographs of some of the objects and designs that have influenced my driftwood art

Many people ask about my inspirations for the Alaska driftwood art that I create, and the techniques I use to craft the unique pieces you'll see on my Gallery pages. I have added pages to the Alaska Driftwood Art web page that answer some of these questions, and that allow me to share some images of the gorgeous Alaska beaches where I find material to use in my creations.

Please take a look at the pages below, and feel free to Contact Me if you have any specific questions you'd like me to answer.

Creating unique driftwood art using techniques borrowed from classic mosaic making

The sea itself is the best driftwood sculptor


A life-long Alaskan, I have been fascinated by the sea from an early age. My love of the outdoors combined with my interest in exploring the intricate world of Alaska's remote sea coast, and I began to experiment with turning natural driftwood into one-of-a-kind works of art.

I strive to honor the wildness of the material I use in each of my Alaska driftwood creations. The forces of water, rocks, sunlight, and time actually do much of my work for me. My job as an artist is to discern how the pieces should come together in a way that respects the driftwood's sea-going heritage, while at the same time creating new forms that re-imagine what Alaska Driftwood Art can be.


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Please visit my Gallery page to see some of my recent Alaska driftwood creations.