designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd
Alaska Driftwood Art

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As I mocked it in place atop a broken piece of gray-white granite, the image came to me of a Japanase sailing junk, a small vessel with an oversized sail that is often scallop-shaped or square. I selected a small, densely-patterned piece of spruce to represent the boat, and fashioned the age-weathered cedar shake as the sail. The result is the piece called "Sailing JunK' which describes the boat it resembles, as well as the process by which this long-lost piece of cedar found its way into my hands.

Sailing Junk

Abstract Sculpture, 2015

The focal point of this piece is the weathered cedar shake that forms the sail of figure patterned after the profile of a Japanese sailing junk. Probably ripped from the roof of some far-away structure by the wind, this plain slab of wood must have drifted on the ocean currents for many years as the wood aged and weathered, gradually taking on the intricate striations that give it such character.

I had originally picked up this piece thinking that I could use it as the base of a small driftwood sculpture, but upon closer study I found that both side were so charismatic, I couldn't bear the thought of banishing either side to perpetual invisibility face-down on a tabletop. I began experimenting with a creation that would present the well-worn cedar shake in a way that highlighted the character and age of both its sides.

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