designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd
Alaska Driftwood Art

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After finishing "Driftwood (Cubed)" I was anxious to experiment with other geometric forms, particularly those without 90-degree angles. I came up with the concept for a small table-top pyramid, and built a mold for a 3-sided pyramid measuring exactly 16 inches on each side. Crafting this piece was much moredifficult than the cube, in part because I was working inside a much smaller space; I liken it to building a model ship inside a glass bottle, using only forcepsand an eye-dropper!

My earliest concept for the pyramid involved using driftwood sticks to create four Isosceles triangles, with each stick forming the entire side of its respective triangle. As I studied natural driftwood formations on the beach, however, I modified my concept for the pyramid's sides to include a multitude of sticks layered
together, with the edges and corners building upon themselves, yet still conforming to the desired geometric form.

Because "Pyramid Power" has four sides, each of them smooth, there is no true "face-up" orientation for the sculpture. By turning the piece over, there are twelve different perspectives from which to study the intricate play of color, texture and form. Which is your favorite?

"Pyramid Power"

Abstract Sculpture, 2014.


Alaska driftwood and adhesive.

Base 13" per side; 14" high.

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