designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd
Alaska Driftwood Art

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After completing my molded driftwood sculptures "Driftwood, Cubed" (a cube 16" square) and "Pyramid Power" (an equilateral pyramid 16" on each side), I was anxious to experiment with other geometrical shapes. The result is this, my first spherical driftwood sculpture: "Globe (Impaled)". The globe was built inside a half-sphere negative mold 12" in diameter.

As I selected and attached each piece of driftwood, I rotated the globe inside the mold to check its composition and maintain its evenly-round form. This piece allowed me to incorporate some beautifully shaped and colored driftwood pieces that are very small, giving the finished sculpture a highly complex composition that invites and rewards careful study.

To mount the globe, I selected a beautiful, smooth, twisted driftwood stick whose shape to me suggested a sprouting plant or vine, which I mounted to a piece of reddish-gray Alaska slate from Eaglek Bay in northern Prince William Sound.

"Globe (Impaled)"

Abstract Sculpture, 2014.


Alaska driftwood and adhesive; Eaglek Bay graywacke base.

12" diameter globe; 36" high.

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