designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd

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"Driftwood (Cubed)" is my first Molded Driftwood Sculpture. It was created inside a wooden cube measuring exactly 16 inches per side using the reverse mold method. My inspiration was the image of old automobiles that had been crushed into an unrecognizable cube for recycling. What would it look like if a giant pile of driftwood could somehow be compressed into a uniform block? (Without breaking the wood, of course.)

I wanted the cube to appear as if it was a solid block, not just a hollow shell with driftwood only along the outside plane of the cube. I had to consider how the finished sculpture would be displayed: Should it just sit on one of its six sides? Could it somehow be balanced on one corner? Ultimately I decided to build
driftwood legs into the piece, tying these into the finished sculpture in a way that supports the piece sturdily on the floor or on a table.

The biggest challenge this piece presented was how to work inside the sculpture, attaching the individual wood segments that comprise the cube. The photo details (below) show how intricately the driftwood nestles into the molded shape, as if pressed there by a massive crusher.

"Driftwood, Cubed"

Faux End Table, 2014.


Alaska driftwood and adhesive.

16" by 16"; 21" high.

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