Abstract Sculpture, 2014

In another part of this website, I talk about the technique I call Molded Driftwood Sculpture which involves forming geometric shapes using a mold.

I have employed this method to create cubes, pyramids, and spheres using hand-selected pieces of Alaska driftwood to make sculptures that have been called "stunning" and "mesmerizing".

My most ambitious work to date employing this technique is this piece, called "Continental Drift" in honor of both its global shape, and the transport method by which the sticks found their way into my possession

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With a diameter of 16 inches, the sphere is composed of more than 200 individual pieces of driftwood that are formed into a hollow "globe" balanced upon a tripod of contorted (yet stable) driftwood saplings.

The wood which forms the globe has a sweeping, organic-looking form which may resembled the oceans and land masses of our own Earth, so they may be the swirling atmosphere of some distant Driftwood Planet (which might not be a bad alternate name for this sculpture, come to think of it!)

Continental Drift

designed by nature, imagined by artist steve lloyd
Alaska Driftwood Art

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